Practical learning lab for media projects as well as production studio for the realization of audio-visual media projects

Services of the AV-Studio

Lending Service

University affiliates (students and staff) can lend the following equipment free of charge:


  • Panasonic camcorder incl. microphone and tripod
  • Olympus audio equipment
  • F4 audio transcription software with foot switch
  • Bluetooth microphone

All equipment is available in Building K in the Media Center secretary's office. Please send your request by email to Ms. Simone Mitzner:simone.mitzner(at)rptu.de


The AV-Studio supports and advises you on


  • Digital audio recordings, e.g. of lectures, panel discussions, interviews or presentations. You receive the recording either as an audio CD or as file(s) in mp3 format.

  • Digital video recordings e.g. of lectures, panel discussions, interviews or presentations. You receive the recording optionally as DVD or as file(s) in mp4 format.

  • Digital editing and post-processing of recorded audio-visual material

For the production of multimedia media productions, the AV studio lends appropriate technology (e.g. camera sets including microphone and tripod, audio recording equipment). The AV studio also has editing computers available to edit recordings.

Digitization and Conversion

The AV Studio is equipped for digitizing analog video and audio materials. The materials are transferred to CD or DVD in the appropriate file formats. Furthermore, existing video and audio materials can be converted into another standard, so that the material can, for example, be incorporated into multimedia documents (e.g. PowerPoint presentations).

Video copies

The AV studio makes copies of film, video and audio materials in very small editions (up to 10 copies). The materials can also be transferred to a new data carrier. Please be sure to observe the copyright regulations for all copy orders! The AV-Studio assumes no liability for copyright infringements.



Practical media Teaching

Every semester, the AV-Studio offers several block seminars on the topic of "Media Work in Schools" in cooperation with our partner medien+bildung.com GmbH. The seminars are aimed at students of the teaching-related bachelor's degree programs and can be attended either as part of the compulsory course for Module 2.3 Educational Sciences or to gain Seminars are offered with different content emphases. Among them, we offer seminars on the topics:


  • Video work
  • Tablets in the classroom
  • Medienkomp@ss RLP
  • Youth media protection and
  • Democracy learning.


Moritz Schäfer

RPTU in Landau
Building K, Room 0.22

+49 (0)6341 280-31128




Simone Mitzner

Lending Services
Buidling K, Room 1.22

+49 (0)6341 280-31201