Service for teachers - equipment lending

The Landau E-Learning Unit offers technical equipment for loan. The current inventory currently includes the equipment listed below. Simply click on the respective device to get more information:



  • Two video cameras with tripods are available.
  • Both cameras are well suited for recording (teaching) events, lectures, etc.

  • Three units available.
  • Smart cameras with people tracking.
  • Gesture control lets you zoom the camera during your lecture.
  • Suitable for streaming scenarios such as hybrid or online-only events, lectures, disputations, etc.

  • This camera combines the advantages of a camcorder and a webcam and can both record and stream in 4K quality.
  • Has a high-quality microphone to record the sound.
  • More external microphones can be connected.

Available for lending soon

  • Multi-part set consisting of the following components (can also be rented individually):
    • Two daylight LED spotlights with tripod and softbox.
    • One LED softlight panel with tripod and softbox.
  • The set allows professional 3-point lighting for video and photo shoots.
  • All components are placed in carrying bags for easier transportation.
  • Please make an appointment for a consultation before first use.

  • Three radio and three Bluetooth microphones are available.
  • The radio microphones consist of a transmitter unit with a collar or neckband microphone that you can wear comfortably on your body, and a receiver unit that is connected to a laptop or video camera.
  • With Bluetooth microphones, the collar microphones themselves are connected to the laptop via Bluetooth, so no transmitter or receiver units are needed.
  • Suitable for event recording or streaming.

  • Three copies available to lend.
  • Can be connected to a laptop via USB.
  • Do not require any additional drivers, but can usually be used immediately after connection.
  • The package includes a table stand for stable placement of the microphone.
  • As an optional accessory, a reflection filter can be borrowed to filter disturbing external noise.
  • Suitable for recording screencasts, podcasts, online lectures and similar formats.

  • A total of 5 of these devices are available.
  • Can be set up very flexibly due to the Bluetooth connection.
  • Microphone and loudspeaker in one device.
  • Suitable for hybrid lectures with small to medium group sizes and for video conferencing.
  • Can be connected in pairs so that a larger area can be covered.

  • With the help of the green screen technique, the background of a shot can be replaced by any image or video.
  • Special software is needed for post-processing.
  • Also suitable for streaming.
  • Instead of a green background, a white one can also be used (e.g. as a background for photo shoots).
  • Please make an appointment for a consultation if you would like to use the green screen for the first time.

  • With the help of the audio recorder, good quality sound recordings can be made.
  • Suitable for interviews, for example.

  • Two copies available.
  • Equipped with software for recording screencasts, podcasts and streaming.

  • Using a stylus, you can create sketches, annotations, etc. on the screen of the graphics tablet just like on a blackboard or whiteboard..
  • Suitable for online events and recording screencasts.

  • Logitech Group video conferencing system for medium to large rooms.

  • Features a remote panning and zooming camera that can be mounted on a tripod if needed, three microphones that can be distributed around the room, and a speaker.

  • Compatible with all major video conferencing platforms such as BigBlueButton or Zoom.

  • Audio interface
  • USB speaker

All equipment can be booked through our rental system  and picked up or returned at a previously agreed date.


In addition to our own equipment, we also lend out the equipment of the "MoSAiK" project. However, these can only be booked by project members.


The lending conditions for equipment and accessories of the e-learning unit Landau apply to the equipment lending.

Pickup and return of equipment

Devices can be picked up or returned by prior appointment via the e-mail address  zhdl-ele-geraeteausleihe(at) in building CIV, room 061. In particular, please arrange the return date in good time (e.g. already at the time of collection) so that you can still return the device within the loan period.


Contact Us

We will be happy to help you. Contact us via one of the following e-mail addresses, depending on your concerns. You are also welcome to arrange a personal consultation appointment.