Central support unit for e-learning at the RPTU in Landau.

E-Learning-Unit Landau

The E-Learning-Einheit Landau is the central support facility for e-learning [Educational technology] at the RPTU in Landau.

The E-Learning-Einheit Landau works to find the best ways for usage of digital media in support of educational processes. Our services are aimed at both teachers and students. You can find more information about ourservices on the corresponding subpages of our website.

Services for Students
Services for Lecturers


Field of Work

  • Didactic and technical advice on the conception and use of electronically supported teaching and learning.
  • Support in the technical implementation of projects and the use of e-learning tools.
  • Support in the use of e-learning scenarios.
  • Assistance with technical problems with e-learning tools.
  • Organisation and implementation of electronic examinations.
  • Support in the use of electronic portfolios.
  • Support with the conception, creation and use of teaching videos.
  • Support with the implementation of video conferences and streaming of courses.



E-Learning-Einheit Landau
Thomas-Nast-Str. 44
76829 Landau
Tel.: 06341/280-37270 or
Tel.: 06341/280-33236

General E-Learning-Support:

Video Usage in Teaching: